​Blue Book Value Calculator (Kelley) Car Pricing​​

August 21, 2021

Blue Book Value Calculator. The Blue Book started in 1918, also known as Kelley Value, as a calculator for used cars. It’s where most car dealerships use to price the current value on used vehicles.

Kelley’s Blue Book has grown to become the automotive industry standard when calculating and pricing vehicles. Most dealerships use the value to determine your trade in amount when buying a new car. It’s also the estimated value to use if you are selling a used vehicle.

In 1918 Kelley Kar Company was started by Les Kelley with 2 Ford Model T’s and one employee who was his younger, 13 year old, brother. After he started circulating lists for what cars he wanted to buy at what prices his list started to become industry standard in the LA area. in 1926 the first official regional Blue Book was published and after the war when car demand rose the book when national.

The book remained a trade publication until 1993 until a consumer book was published and their website has been running since 1995. Almost every dealer in the United States base used car valuations on pricing. The easiest way to get access to a calculator is to visit Kelley’s official website.

If you have an iPhone, there are a few apps you can download from the Apple Store. If you are selling a used car, the Blue Book value is to be used as an estimate. Repairs and restorations add more to the value of your vehicle.