Ford Mustang 2013 Unveils 50th Anniversary Edition

Ford Mustang 2013, as Ford counts down to the 50th anniversary of its venerable pony car, the 2013 Mustang continues to receive incremental improvements to stave off its tough, long-running competitors. For the model year, it receives a mild styling update, more horsepower for the GT, added luxury and technology features, and a fortified flagship car, with the 650-hp Shelby GT500.

At a glance, the 2013 Mustang looks quite familiar, but a closer look reveals an updated grille, front air splitter, hood, body-colored rocker panels, smoked taillamps, and black rear trim. High-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps are now standard, with LED accents. To further show off, the Mustang can be had with “pony projection lights”–side-mirror-mounted lights that shine the pony logo symbol on the ground when the car is unlocked. Fresh wheel offerings and designs further signal the new model year.

Underhood, power edges up to 420 horsepower, with the 5.0-liter V8 maintaining an advantage over its direct peers. This Coyote V8 can be had with a six-speed automatic transmission equipped with a manual mode.

For more extreme performance on manual models, a GT Track Package includes the Brembo Brake Package and adds an engine cooler, upgraded radiator, better brake pads, and a Torsen differential. A 4.2-inch screen provides access to performance information, from fuel economy to true performance data, such as acceleration and braking times.

On sale in the spring, the 2013 Mustang proves that Ford is not content to sit back and await the milestone anniversary. And the ongoing updates to an already desirable car demonstrate why the Mustang is worth celebrating.

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