Ford Cars Able To Read Texts Out Loud

Ford Cars Able To Read Texts Out Loud – Is it smarter than you? An upgrade to the Ford Sync software system will allow your car to use speech for reading text messages from your smart phone. It’s called the “G1 V3.2.2” and it adds the “Message Access Profile Bluetooth” support feature.

The program will allow SMS text messages to be read aloud from supported phones connected via Bluetooth. Ford did not disclose which 2011 and 2012 models would receive the upgrade, but the upgrade will be applied to Sync Generation 1 vehicles, Ford said.

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Interested car owners can visit a dealer to find out if they’re eligible. Since 2011, there have been over 14,000 users downloads for updates every month. Recent upgrades were for select 2011 and early-release 2012 SYNC-equipped vehicles with AppLink such as the Ford Mustang, Ford said.

Ford announced last year it was voluntarily integrating MAP into SYNC for all 2011 MyFord Touch-equipped vehicles. The reason? Safety, so that drivers can focus on the road and not on the text.

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“A limited population of phones has the capability to work with the text message read back feature of SYNC,” said Mark Porter, supervisor of SYNC product development, in a statement.

He added. “With our initial adoption of MAP for our latest generation of SYNC and our recent efforts to integrate it into our previous variations of the system, we hope we are setting an example that encourages more collaboration between Ford, the phone makers and the wireless industry to help drivers find smarter alternatives to hand-held texting while on the road.”