Honda Loses Lawsuit For Individual Gas Mileage

Heather Peters has won her individual lawsuit against Honda over the fact her hybrid Civic never lived up to its advertised gas mileage.

Peters had broken away from a class action suit that would have likely seen her get somewhere between 100 and 200 dollars and a $1,000 coupon towards the purchase of a new Honda.

Instead she filed her own suit and on Wednesday was awarded $9,867 by a Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner.

A former corporate lawyer herself, Peters said that when she bought her Civic the window sticker indicated that it would get 49mpg in city and 51mpg on the highway. However, she said it never got that good of a gas mileage and was actually about 20% less then that. She added that after a software update and a deteriorating battery the gas mileage was even worse, never getting more then 30mpg.

She had been seeking $122,122 in damages, which included the extra cost she paid for a hybrid over a regular version of the model, the extra gas that she had to put in the car, and the depreciation value.

The settlement on the class-action suit is due next week and others who want to opt out of it and seek their own suit have until February 11th to make the decision.

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