How Much Is My Used Car Worth?

How Much Is My Used Car Worth – We all ask that question about our car and it’s worth, especially when we think about how much we will get on a trade-in from the local dealership.

There are many resources on the Internet for cars. There are sites that will tell you what your costs should be, when purchasing a new vehicle, and there are other sites that review new cars. But to find out the value of what your car could be worth, you should visit the Kelley Blue Book Values tool.

All you have to do is type in the model of your vehicle (1987 to 2007), make, actual model and trim, then choose the options on your car and it will spit out retail and trade-in values.

The tool is really handy for those who are shopping to buy a used vehicle.

The used-car values are fed by Kelley Blue Book. For the most accurate estimate, you have to choose the condition of your car, but don’t get greedy; there’s no way that 1987 Mitsubishi Cordia rusting away in your driveway is in “Excellent” condition. Finding the value of your car is an important step in finding the right asking price, but there are other considerations.

For more tips on how to price your car, see the Pricing Your Car article in the Selling Advice section.

For older and collector cars, Kelley Blue Book offers an Early Motor Guide that lists vehicle retail values for the 1946 to 1987 model years.