How To Haggle Buying A Car

How To Haggle Buying A Car – Learning how to haggle when it comes to negotiating a price is a common practice and a car is no different. Purchasing a vehicle in your price range isn’t always easy when there’s a salesperson wanting a good commission.

Haggling when buying a new car can save you thousands on the final purchase price. There is no one way to haggle because the situation varies by dealer and individual. But there are some basic haggling practices that can serve as a starting point to purchasing your new vehicle.

Research the car you want to purchase and figure out what your budget allows for a car payment. Look online for deals on the model you want at dealerships close to you. Spend some time researching the manufacturer’s best current deals. Doing you research before stepping onto a car lot gives you an advantage. You will know what you want, have an idea of the deals and rebates available, and know exactly how much you can afford to pay.

Look at several cars on the lot. Do not let the salesperson know right away the model you have in mind. Allow the salesperson to begin offering deals on the different models.

Express any negative feelings you have about pricing or even the car. A salesperson who believes you are interested — but have reservations — sometimes begins to lower pricing to alleviate your feelings.

Make an offer on the vehicle you want that is below the sticker price, but above the invoice price of the car. The sticker price is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. You should have an idea of the invoice price from your research.

Figure your budget in front of the salesperson, once they give an offer and suggested monthly payment. Ask to use their calculator and paper. Even though you have done your research, this small act lets the salesperson know you are serious about purchasing, but also serious about what you will pay.

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