NTSB Cell Phone Ban For 36 States Regardless Of Study

NTSB Cell Phone Ban – Cell phone usage while driving may not be as dangerous as expected, according to a new study. However, the National Transportation Safety Board isn’t buying it and wants the ban.

In previous studies scientists have concluded that texting or talking on the mobile device while driving raises a persons risk for being in a car crash.

In 1997, Canadian researchers conducted a study that showed crash risk is increase by four times. Similarly Researchers in Australia in 2005 conducted a study finding the same results.

Richard Young, the lead author for the new analysis discussed the problems with the other studies, stating the man problem is the “control window”, the previous-week comparison period. He stated,”Earlier studies likely overestimated the relative risk for cell phone conversations while driving by implicitly assuming that driving during a control window was full-time when it may have been only part-time,”

Overall Youngs research team found that drivers were actually very inconsistent. They found the frequency of driving on a control day to be 75% less than on a crash day. Despite these publishings the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has still put a nationwide ban on texting. The new ban looks to ban all cell phone usage in America while driving.

Before the nationwide ban on cell phones while driving, 35 states had already restricted the use due to past experiences.

The NTSB took it one step further banning ALL usage including hands-free in all states unless used for an emergency.

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