Stranded Man Builds Motorcycle Out Of Car

A stranded man who was trying to avoid military blockades in Morocco by driving his car in the desert, built himself a motorcycle out of the car he drove to save himself.

The story sounds familiar to that of Tony Stark in the original “Iron Man” movie where Stark was being held captive in a desert cave by terrorists and had to build himself the original Iron Man suit out of scrap metal and weapons to fight his way out.

Photos of the motorbike accompanied the story about Emile Leray, who supposedly built the bike in the middle of the North African desert, miles from civilization, out of his broken down Citroën 2CV, with a limited amount of tools and scraps.

Leray explained that knowing he was going to be traveling alone through the desert he had an ample amount of food and water with him. He said that he could not keep going after the frame rail and a suspension arm broke underneath the car.

Not wanting to leave the vehicle, out of fear of it being stolen, and unable to carry enough supplies with him to walkout, he decided to stay put and disassemble the car and build a motorcycle to get him to the nearest town. He thought the project would take him 3 days to complete, but it ended up taking 12.

Leray went to work first converting his socks to arm guards for protection from the sun. He explained without a torch, he had to screw everything together and without a drill had to use as many original holes in the parts as possible. When he had to create a hole, he said he would bend the metal and cut through the edge with a hack saw and then re-flatten the metal.

After getting the motorcycle together and driving out of the desert he said he had to explain to the authorities in the next town that he was not an insurgent and had to pay a fine for importing a non-conforming vehicle.

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