Tesla Model S Luxury Electric Car Launches

It has become a reality for Tesla Motors as it launches the first Model S luxury electric car that could have a huge impact on the entire automobile industry.

Moreover, the move could rev up production, which could return manufacturing jobs to California and add workers to many factories across the United States.

The first car of its kind rolled off the assembly line in Fremont, California as employees and members of the media witnessed the birth of a new frontier.

About 5 years ago, many people deemed the company as a fantasy during a time when General Motors and Chrysler were seeking bailouts.

However, times have changed since then and Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk told the crowd that the company aimed at nothing less than showing “that an electric car can in fact be the best car in the world.”

“Thanks to the fantastic team here at Tesla. You rock,” he added.

The first customer was Jeff Skoll, eBay’s first president, who drove off in a brand new red Model S electric vehicle. He’s also one of the people who invested millions into the company. In reality, the cars were finished ahead of schedule, surprising experts who said it couldn’t be done.

The price for these energy-effiicent cars of the future are between $57,400 and $77,400.

Tesla plans to build 5,000 electric vehicles this year, and 20,000 next year.

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