Worst Speeding Ticket Excuses (List)

Worst Speeding Ticket Excuses – We’ve all been pulled over, but don’t get caught using the worst speeding ticket excuses. We have compiled a list of things not to say to an officer. Don’t make the mistake by arguing with the officer that pulled you over.

You will never win the argument. The first thing you should do is show some respect. You can do this by having your driver’s license, car registration, and proof of insurance ready for the officer.

When the officer asks why you were going so fast, just be honest. Don’t try to make up excuses because the officer will know. Remember, they make traffic stops all day long and know when you’re lying.

If you really didn’t know that you were going too fast, just say you didn’t realize it. Never say things like “I was on the phone” or “I had my radio up too loud and it was a big distraction.” You want to get away with a simple warning, so an excuse like “I wasn’t watching the speed limit sign” or “I didn’t know I was going too fast” is a better excuse.

Always try to use the “human error” reason. For example, if you were excited to meet a friend at a restaurant, just be upfront about it. Then say, “I need to slow down” and pretend that it’s the first and only time you will be speeding.