Wrangler Recall Of 87,000 Jeeps Due To Fires

Chrysler has issued a recall of about 87,000 Jeep Wranglers due to fires. According to documents by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this recall only affects the model year of 2010.

In addition, the problem is with Jeeps that were manufactured prior to July 14, 2010 that have an automatic transmission.

The fires occur when debris gets caught in the middle of a piece that safeguards the catalytic converter and transmission.

The converter, part of the exhaust system, uses precious metals and heat to curb decomposition.

There have been at least 14 reported cases, to Chrysler, of the vehicle catching on fire; however, there have not been any injury reports. When these vehicles are driven off-road or through tall brushes is when debris is becoming lodged. Chrysler will change out the plate with a bar, at no cost to the owners, that way the debris will not longer get stuck.

All owners of these vehicles will be receiving a letter by mail from the auto maker; repairs for their issue will begin this month.

“The recall affects about 68,000 Wranglers in the U.S., 6,000 in Canada, 1,500 in Mexico and about 11,000 in other countries,” said Eric Mayne, a Chrysler spokesman.

Owners with further questions can reach out to Chrysler by calling 1-800-853-1403.

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