2011 October Product Recalls List

2011 October Product Recalls – There were quite a few recalls in October for 2011 products shipped in from Quebec and Ontario. However, some may find their way in to US stores along the border.

Mrs. Freshley′s multipack cereal bars from Flower Foods affects those items marked “Canadian Label,” due to containing non-fat dry milk which has not been listed as an ingredient and have caused allergic reactions.

Ice cream fans should be on the lookout for Kroger′s Private Selection Extreme Moose Tracks Ice Cream. It affects only their 16-ounce pints with a sell-by date of June 18, 2012 and a UPC code of 11110 52909. They contain peanuts and peanut oils not listed as an ingredient and may cause allergic reactions. It is limited to 10 states, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Another food item in the month of October was the missing ingredient packaging that can cause an allergic reaction. Lean Cuisine Chicken Fettuccini displayed the wrong into that contained shrimp and other ingredients. There was also Avaira Tonic contact lenses by CooperVision. This is a Class-1 recall due to “unintended residue on the lenses.”

The Kraft Velveeta Shells and Cheese recall affect three varieties of the single-serving microwavable cups. Some have been found containing small, thin wire bristle pieces. These are the Original Velveeta and Shells, Velveeta and Shells with 2% Milk, and Velveeta Rotini and Cheese Broccoli. Some 137,000 cases were distributed throughout the United States.

Car fans should take note of the 2012 Chevy Corvette rear hatch. About 5,575 incidents of one or both rear hatch hinge failures have been reported. Contact your dealer to arrange for service and replacement.

And if that was not enough, Steering control and crash hazards have prompted BB Buggies Inc. to bring back some of their Bad Boy Buggies off-road utility vehicles. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the 2011 nationwide recall a few days ago. It was issued after discovering that the steering assembly arm can break, which can cause the driver to lose control and result in a crash hazard, and consumers are also advised to contact the dealer..

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