Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and the U.N. climate panel won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their international work as crusaders for climate change.

Gore’s panel walked away with the $1.5 million dollar prize.

In a statement Friday morning Gore said he was “deeply honored” by the Nobel award and reiterated his charge.

After the Oscars, the Emmys, the release of yet another book and the Live Earth concerts on July 7, Friday’s long-awaited, much-anticipated Nobel Peace Prize announcement could provide the most “climatic” and climactic opportunity to date for the Democratic presidential nominee of 2000 to announce White House intentions for 2008.

Former Gore strategist Chris Lehane said though his former boss’s entrance to the presidential race would be more than fashionably late, he “would be uniquely positioned” if he chose to contest the Democratic nomination.

Lehane cautioned, “There are a couple basic logistical challenges,” particularly fundraising, staffing and “items as simple as qualifying for the ballot.”

For the most part, Lehane dismisses the notion of a Gore candidacy.