Amazon To Open Stores This Year

Amazon Stores – Soon you may be able to actually go to a real Amazon store rather than doing all of your shipping online.

A source in the know says the Internet retailer has plans to open a test store in Seattle this year to see if it would be something that would succeed. The store would likely carry Amazon made products such as tablets, and e-readers with a main emphasis on company exclusive books the source indicated.

Some question why the retailer would take a chance on such a venture since the online site has been doing just fine. But Rob Enderle, an analyst with Enderle Group says they only need to look to Apple and Microsofts success since moving to brick and mortar store fronts.

Enderle says, “Now that Amazon has started to develop its own line of products, including the Kindle e-book reader, a small chain of stores like Apple’s chain makes sense.”

“It reminds people that Amazon is out there,” he adds.

Back in 2009 the company filed for and received a patent for a store-front type building. The source says that the first store in Seattle, which is were Amazon’s headquarters are located, would likely be a small boutique type store.

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