America’s Best CEOs Top 16

America’s Best CEOs – This list of CEOs was published on Forbes, ranking best to worse from data collected by DeMarche, and with that comes America’s top performer. The company is Amazon and the title goes to Jeffrey P. Bezos. He has earned an average of $1.4 million in total compensation, most of which is the company’s cost of security provided to him.

Bezos has delivered a 30% annual return to shareholders over the past six years. Since he took his company public in May 1997, he has delivered an annual 36% return to shareholders, which is significantly better than the 5% annual return for the S&P 500 over that period.

Following Bezos to round out the top five: last year’s best CEO, Marc Benioff of; Bob Sasser of Dollar Tree: Neal Patterson of Cerner and Leonard Bell of Alexion Pharmaceutical.

Here’s the complete list – The Top 16:

  • 1. AMAZON.COM Jeffrey P. Bezos
  • 2. AMERIGON Daniel R. Coker
  • 3. ARGAN Rainer H. Bosselmann
  • 4. ATLANTIC TELE-NETWORK Michael T. Prior
  • 5. CHESAPEAKE UTILITIES John R. Schimkaitis
  • 7. INTERGROUP John V. Winfield
  • 8. JETBLUE AIRWAYS David Barger
  • 9. KIRBY Joseph H. Pyne
  • 11. OCEAN BIO-CHEM Peter G. Dornau
  • 12. SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Gary C. Kelly
  • 13. STEINER LEISURE Leonard I. Fluxman
  • 14. TECHNE Thomas E. Oland
  • 15. US HOME SYSTEMS Murray H. Gross
  • 16. US LIME & MINERALS Timothy W. Byrne

At the bottom of the CEO scorecard is Michael Fraizer of Genworth Financial. Genworth’s six-year annual return of -19% lagged its peers. Over the past six years, Frazier has been collecting a paycheck averaging $10.5 million a year.

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