Angry Birds On Facebook Available From Share and Play

Rovio has announced that casual gamers can now play Angry Birds on Facebook, which is about to cause a serious drop in productivity for many companies as their workers embed the player through the Share and Play from the Timeline.

Angry Birds is one of the best online games in the world

The nice thing about this game is that users can compete with friends on Facebook by challenging them to beat their high scores.

Players can fling scowling birds at green pigs directly on the Timeline. How cool is that?

Embedding the code on blogs and web pages is also easy, including Tumblr and WordPress.

It’s basically just some traditional HTML-code that will keep track of high scores without any game downloads. The game is efficient for the web, and it seems Rovio did a great job putting it together. We tested it for a few minutes this morning, and it’s fast.

There are a lot of fans for Angry Birds and having it available for social media will mean continued growth as friends begin to compete.

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