Angry Birds Space Gets Ten Million Downloads

According to a recent tweet by game developer, Rovio, Angry Birds Space had been downloaded more than ten million times within 3 days of its release which was Friday March 22nd.

The Twitter message read, “10 million Angry Birds Space downloads in less than 3 days! Thanks to our fans, stay tuned for more!”

While ‘Space’ contains some of the old elements of previous versions of the game, it also has new gameplay mechanics as players have to navigate space rocks and figure out planetary gravitational pulls. It was launched at a cost of $.99 for the iOS version, containing 60 levels with more levels to be added with future updates.

The game was also launched for Android, Mac, and PC, with a Windows Phone version to be released in the near future. A high definition version of the game will cost $2.99.

Combined with the original ‘Angry Birds,’ which was released in October of 2010, ‘Rio,’ ‘Seasons,’ and now ‘Space,’ Rovio has sold half a billion downloads of the game and expects to hit 1 billion within in a few months and possibly 2 billion by 2013.

Angry Birds has been praised for its successful combination of addictive gameplay, comical style, and low price. Its popularity led to versions of Angry Birds being created for personal computers and gaming consoles, a market for merchandise featuring its characters and even long-term plans for a feature film or television series.

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