iTunes: Apple misses iTunes movie rental target

Apple first announced its new iTunes movie rental service during the MacWorld Expo, which generously provides consumers to download movies onto their iPhone, Apple TV box or other devices, but the goal of the new service has fallen short of its goal.

One of the reasons for the shortfall may be the number of titles offered. As of February 29, there were just 378 titles available on the iTunes online store, and only 351 titles available on the Apple TV unit. When you combine movies for sale and rental on the iTunes store, 770 titles are available.

Apple also announced at MacWorld that they will have 100 titles available in high-def (high definition), and it appears; they are closer to that promise. There are currently 91 high-definition titles available to rent, although the site noted that not all of said titles are available in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Apple also missed its goal of shipping a software development kit for the iPhone by the obvious end of February, although more details about the SDK will be available later this week.