Apple iTunes Unlimited Downloads

Apple iTunes Proposes Unlimited Downloads

Apple is currently in talks with major music companies to offer customers free access to its iTunes music library in exchange for paying a premium on iPods and iPhones.

The new premium rate that Apple has proposed to major music companies is a monthly flat fee of $7-$8. The monthly rate would offer customers free unlimited access to the iTunes music library.

The premium rate would be available for Apple’s iPods and iPhones.

A source familiar with the talks said both companies are trying to resolve an unpleasant dispute over what price Apple is willing to pay the music companies from the premium price.

While the talks between Apple and the music companies have met a dispute, it’s still too early to predict the difficult outcome. The flat monthly rate could benefit both companies as well as the consumer.

According to one industry executive, recent research showed consumers would willingly pay a premium of up to $100 for unlimited access to music for the lifetime of a device, or a monthly fee of $7-$8 for a subscription model.

Nokia recently launched a new unlimited music offering last year, however, the company’s restrictions are confusing to what Nokia actually calls free and unlimited.

Another similar possibility that’s far less radical is a subscription model, in which users pay per month for unfettered access to the music. As current iPods, which are not yet Wi-Fi enabled, would leave the service unlimited for iPhones only.