Apple MacBook Lawsuit Settled

The Apple MacBook lawsuit was made in mid-2007 by two photographers who said they were misled by Apple’s claim that their laptops were capable of showing millions of colors.

The plaintiffs allege that the MacBook display panel only supports 16 bits of video information per pixel, limiting the display to hundreds of thousands of colors.

Such 16-bit panels are commonly used in notebooks and cheaper desktop displays. Dithering is used to provide the illusion of the remaining shades, and the plaintiffs claimed this was not sufficiently accurate for photo editing.

The terms of the settlement are unknown. Apple has not removed the “millions” option from the display preferences for Mac OS X Leopard.

The plaintiffs claimed that this use of dithering impacted their ability to edit their photos and constituted false advertising, since a 6-bit display is capable only of rendering 262,144 colors without resorting to dithering, not “millions.”

A Superior Court representative said the case was actually dismissed last year, and so it’s not clear why this took so long to come to light.