Are Rich People Really Happy?

Are rich people really happy with money? Rich people usually have the same problems as the middle class, but being really happy is not about money. People with money are happy when it comes to financial circumstances, but being rich can also bring more problems.

Rich people with money do enjoy more benefits than the paycheck-to-paycheck worker. They have financial security and a sense of control over their lives. They are hardly stressed about their futures.

There have been countless studies on this subject that show rich people are only slightly more satisfied than the average worker. These are studies conducted by lottery winners, heiresses, and the 100 richest Americans. They do have their share of problems and higher tax brackets to pay to Uncle Sam.

In fact, people are never satisfied, rich or poor. Faulty emotional recall makes us do dumb things with our money, like buying cool new stuff that never quite satisfies. Buying the new expensive sports car to impress others doesn’t bring happiness either.

“Research reveals that memory is less like a collection of photographs than it is like a collection of impressionist paintings rendered by an artist who takes considerable license with his subject,” says Daniel Gilbert, a Harvard psychology professor and the author of Stumbling on Happiness.

Happiness doesn’t come with a pay scale and there’s not enough money in the world to buy it. There are many celebrities who get in trouble with alcohol, drugs, depression, and anger. So if you think being of those rich people is satisfying, think again. Being happy has nothing to do with money.