Best Investing Ideas For Year 2012

Best Investing Ideas For 2012 – Recent U.S. housing data showed an increase in home sales in December 2011 and the best firms are telling their clients to buy U.S. assets in order to ensure healthy investing in 2012. Some brokers are staying away from the housing market altogether, but private individuals are cashing in on some great bargains in real estate. If the housing crisis is over, should we be buying property for long-term growth?

For the first time in decades, experts are advising investors to avoid U.S. Treasury bonds because they will not outperform in 2012. At this time, it would be a better investment to stay away from something that gives you little yield and not enough incentive. It’s a bad deal at this time.

If you buy stocks, go for airlines. The airlines are busy, and seating capacity is shrinking. This signals future growth, which could mean more planes and a very profitable business, if fuel prices don’t spike.

All eyes are still focused on the housing market because if there’s any real investing worth getting a major return, it’s real estate. You should seek out stocks that will benefit you from the pickup. Moreover, buy some property if you can, but do it before the second quarter of 2012.

Energy companies will drive our new economy with solar power and natural gas. Most financial experts will tell you that the United States has the potential to go from a country that imports its energy to one that exports it. This country is still rich with resources and there should be fewer restrictive regulations on drilling in the future.

The long-term investments are energy and airlines. These are the two companies that will provide more financial stability and create future jobs. The U.S.’s economy is the only one in the world that has accelerated into the second half of 2011.

Do some research on stocks that soared in 2009 and write down your ideas, because some investors believe that they are a template of what’s coming in 2012. If Europe stabilizes, which they should, financial and consumer discretionary stocks should be big winners. All signs are pointing to a slow recovery, but there is still money to be made.

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