Canadian Government’s $20 Bill Creates Scrutiny

The Canadian government is facing scrutiny over a new $20 bill, which was created in part to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, and an effort to reduce costs while making it harder to counterfeit.

On the front of the new bill is the image of Queen Elizabeth, which people are fine with, but it’s the image that’s portrayed on the back of the note that’s causing the stir.

The image is of the Vimy Memorial Moneument in France dedicated to Canadian men and women who lost their lives in WWI. In focus groups conducted by the bank on thoughts of the new $20 bill, some Canadians initial reactions were that the image to closely resembled New York’s twin towers that collapsed in the 9/11 attacks.

However, others who did not know of the Vimy Memorial wondered why the creators of the bill went in a pornographic direction.

A part of the Memorial has statues of partially naked women on it, which are called the Vimy Chorus. While some questioned the pornographic nature of the image, one focus group member said “naked women are going to offend people.”

The bank claims that when they conducted a separate focus group 5 years earlier on what the new bill should look like, they were given the idea by some of the Vimy Memorial.

The new $20 bills go into circulation later this year.

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