Cell Phones and ID Theft Prevention

Cell Phones and ID Theft – Cell phones do have an ID of their own, sometimes they might even be a fly on the wall, which makes it easy for people who commit theft and steal personal information using a variety of mobile tools that are found on the Internet.

Do you trust your mobile device?

Consider this scenario: Your purse or brief case is stolen. Inside are your credit cards, bank account information, all the stuff you don’t want out in the world, and your cell phone. Before you can alert your spouse to the theft, he receives a text from “you” asking what your ATM pin number is; your spouse replies with the number. Your bank account is emptied.

Thieves are sneaky and they’re getting smarter all the time.

One way to secure your cell phone is to change the contacts. For instance, don’t use the name “Home” for your home number, and don’t use “wife” or “hubby” for your spouse.

The idea here is to limit the information you put into your mobile device. This is one way to outsmart the thieves and it works. It buys you enough time to contact your spouse and bank. Only identify numbers on your handset by first names only if you can.

Verify by voice: If you receive a text message requesting personal or sensitive information, follow up with a phone call to verify the person. If you suspect fraud, call the police and file a report. Your cell phone company can assist with tracing where the call came from.

Immediately report the theft: Did you know that most people wait to report a theft? That’s because if they’re lost, they don’t believe a theft has occurred. It’s always better to report the incident as soon as possible.

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