Clean Your Home Office – Fast

Clean Your Home Office – Fast – There is a fast way to clean your office, which can be a little more work than your home. Most of the stuff is clutter and that can be removed quickly with little effort. Here are some way to stay organized each day.

One way to get your home office cleaned up quickly is to have a process. Do a certain thing at a certain time and get through it quickly. One of the easiest processes starts with gathering everything that needs to be thrown away.

Carry a small garbage pail with you and toss all the trash right in there. Plow your way through any trash that is in the room. Once you complete these tasks, you’re almost halfway done.

The next thing you want to do is straighten. Even if there is not a lot of trash in your home office, it will look cluttered and messy if it’s not straightened and organized. Put everything in it’s place and make sure that things look neat and tidy.

Remember your desktop, computer space and any other work spaces.

One tip is to purchase small baskets to place smaller clutter in. For instance, paperclips, staples, pens, pencils and other small items that are necessary can all be placed in one basket and placed neatly off to the side of your work space. This makes it easy to find them when you need them, but they will not cover your work space or litter your desk area.

Organizational shelves are helpful for books or paper work as well. You may want to consider investing in these to keep the clutter down.

The next thing you want to do is dust your entire home office. With computers and other things sitting around, collecting dust is easier than collecting stamps. Use a feather duster for things like your computer, speakers, etc.

Then, you can use a damp cloth to wipe down things like your desk and your work spaces, lamps and side tables, etc.

Now it’s time for the floors. Of course, if you have carpet, you can thoroughly vacuum and if you have bare floors, you can sweep quickly and mop. A few other tips are to spray any upholstered furniture with fabric freshener and quickly use damp newspaper to clean dirty windows.

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