Coca-Cola Formula Secret Ingredients Moved to the World Public Display

Coca-Cola Formula – Coca-Cola’s secret formula has been moved from SunTrust Bank in downtown Atlanta to public display at the largest beverage maker’s headquarters.

The global leader in the beverage industry had previously stored its ingredients at the SunTrust Bank in downtown Atlanta where it had been housed since 1925.

As of Thursday, December 8, the that all changed when the famous vault was opened and the early 20th century document was moved to The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

“This is a special day in Coca-Cola history, and the perfect culmination to our 125 th anniversary celebrations this year,” said Muhtar Kent, the companies Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Guests to the exhibit can feel closer than ever before to the secret formula. At the vault exhibit, visitors will learn about the most closely guarded trade secret in history through an immersive multimedia experience that celebrates the rich history, mythology and intrigue around the secret ingredient.

“Any stakeholder who is part of our global system, from a local community partner in countries around the world to someone who simply loves our brands, is part of our secret to success,” said Kent.

“It is this recipe for success that gives us the confidence to fulfill our 2020 Vision: to sustainably grow our business and continue to help build a better world and future for everyone, everywhere.”