Current Florida Gas Prices Frustrating Residents

Current South Florida gas prices are frustrating residents at the pumps.

A Miami cab driver pulled up to a gas station where he paid $4.39 per gallon for regular gas.

“Its outrageous but we gotta pay,” the man stated.

These are the highest gas prices have ever been for this time of the year. The prices have already gone above the $4 mark in Miami-Dade and they are flirting with $4 in Broward. According to analysts, by April, gas prices could reach $4.25 a gallon.

“Gas is important. I commute to school. So it’s necessary for me to price that into my budget. If it keeps getting excessively higher, how am I going to get to class?” said Florida International University student Karen Morris.

As gas prices continue to increase, Republicans are starting to use fuel debate as a fresh line of attack for the presidential campaign of 2012. Even though, we do not have much of a choice at the gas pump, they are reminding voters that we do have a choice at the polls.

An example of this is Newt Gingrich pushing his “Drill Here. Drill Now” Facebook petition, in which he asks President Obama to bring a gallon of gas back to $2.50 by building the Keystone XL Pipeline. However, Obama’s administration rejected this proposal last month.

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