Customer Service Horror Stories

Customer service horror stories. Most of us can recognize bad service and being ripped off by a company. Here are some of those horror stories of what a some people had to go through.

One woman was told by her into signing up for the “bundled package” with her cable provider. She liked the idea because her bill, as the rep put it, will be under $100 per month. However, she was charged $115 a month instead, but didn’t complain about it at first.

STORY: $16 Million Cable Bill, Failed Customer Service

She finally called and complained after six months. The rep told the customer that they could no longer lower her bill anymore. She was left speechless and stunned. She canceled her cable and has been a happy camper with DirecTV ever since.

The next story could may familiar. A lady in Tampa, Florida, moved to a new address and tried to call her health insurance provider to update her records. She spent 10 hours on the phone being transferred from one person to another.

Each person continued to tell her, “that’s handled in another department,” and she eventually completed a loop and started speaking with the same agents again.

For some reason, they tricked her into canceling her insurance policy to begin a new one. The bill was much higher, and she had a 90-day waiting period for any major health expenses. Unfortunately, she did get sick and faced a lot of horror and outrage when she got stuck with a $30,000 bill.

There are always two sides when it comes to customer service. Most people will often have the same difficulties with a company. However, the business will always defend itself with multiple stories that puts the blame on their clients for not following proper procedures.