​Disney World Raises Prices Again For Daily Admission​​

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February 26, 2021

Disney World raises prices for the second time this year, bringing the cost for Magic Kingdom tickets to $99 per day for children ages 10 and older. Disney’s daily admission rose $6 to $95 in June.

Disney also announced increases for its other Walt Disney World parks, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, where admission is up $4 to $94 for single-day admissions.

When one central Florida theme park raises its entry fees, the others typically follow suit. Last year, Universal Orlando Resort became the first Orlando theme park to break the $90 threshold for a single-day, single-park ticket when it raised its prices to $92. Two weeks later, Disney announced a price jump from $89 to $95.

Industry observer Robert Niles of ThemeParkInsider.com isn’t surprised raised prices at Disney World, though its timing is a bit unusual.

“It almost seems as if Disney is daring Universal to go over the $100 barrier,” he says. “We thought there’d be (an increase) this year, but more likely after Universal’s price hike.”

Universal will open another Harry Potter attraction, Diagon Alley, this summer in its Universal Studios Florida park. It joins the Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Hogsmeade, which opened in 2010 in its sister park, Islands of Adventure.

“That should increase demand for multi-park tickets, and whenever there’s an increase in demand, there’s an increase in price,” Niles says.

It’s the second time in eight months that Disney World raises prices at its theme parks.