Donate Diabetes Wendy’s Frostys, Nutrition Facts Research

Now you can donate to find a cure for type 1 diabetes research, and then enjoy four small Wendy’s Frostys as part of a new promotion, but read the nutrition facts first.

You have to wonder where these marketing campaigns come from. Some of them contradict the exact promotion. It would be the same thing if Marlboro offered you 4 free cigarettes to stop smoking.

Almost exactly a year ago, we shared a KFC promotion that donated part of the purchase price of a ginormous soft drink to type 2 diabetes research.

This is the same kind of diabetes that is correlated with poor diet and exercise habits, such as drinking ginormous soft drinks.

This year’s Wendy’s promo raises money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, or type 1 diabetes–the one not correlated to poor dietary habits.

All you do is donate $1, and you get four small Frostys, cups of a sugar-laden dairy-like substance.

Nutrition Facts:

One small Frosty contains 42 grams of sugar, if you’re wondering. That’s 10.5 teaspoons of sweetness, and kind of a weird item to be selling as a fundraiser for a disease that prevents patients from processing sugar correctly.

If that doesn’t make sense, how about this scenario: Give an alcoholic four free drinks to stop drinking.

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