Facebook And Instant Millionaires From Public Stock

Facebook And Millionaires – Facebook, the worlds largest and most popular social network could produce over 1,000 millionaires if the company were to go public. According to Reuters, the company has over 3,000 employees now, all of which have the chance to become very rich. One-third are almost guaranteed to hit instant wealth, according to the price of shares.

Facebook has been know to use shares as an incentive for bringing on engineers and their executive members. For instance, Facebook has given the executives as many as 100,000 restricted shares. If Facebook were then to go public at $40 a piece, likely what the companies shares will be set at, then that leaves executives with around $4mil.

If you thought that was a lot then take a look at what could be for many of the engineers. If Facebook finally goes public in 2012, the world’s largest social network could create well over 1,000 millionaires, a new report claims.

According to records Facebook has been giving engineers with 15 years of experience an option to buy 65,000 shares at $6 each. While some are already thinking thats a lot, Facebook in 2010 commenced a 5-for-1 stock split, which increased that 65,000 to 325,000. At $40 a pop, that makes those engineers happy with what could be $13 million in their pocket.

It appears that the same fate could happen with Facebook as it did for Google. Employees at Google left when they went public.