Find Grocery Coupons Online – Savings

Find Grocery Coupons Online – You can go online and find the latest coupons to save on your grocery bill. Try searching the three major discount websites,, and, for what’s available in your area. These are also the companies that create the inserts for your newspaper each Sunday, so you might find duplicates of coupons that appeared in your paper.

You can also search the Internet for your local grocery store, which most have “coupons” or “savings” tab at the front door as you walk in.

In addition, look for a coupon blogger who focuses on your favorite grocery store. Some of the more reputable coupon bloggers include Jenny at and Collin at features grocery stores in the southeastern United States, and features more national chains.

Most of blogs will list all the sale items in your grocery store, followed by a listing of all available Internet coupons for those products. This is an easy way to find the cheapest items available in your store each week.

Note that manufacturers have coupons on their websites. If you have a few brands you often purchase, searching their home pages could yield additional coupons. Additionally, request any free samples they may have. Typically, the free sample comes with a coupon to purchase a full-size version of the product.

Some of the coupons might only save you 25 cents or 50 cents, but it all adds up. If you’re lucky, your local store might have a “buy one get one free” promotion.

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