Gas Prices Finally Drop By 1 Cent After 27 Days

Gas prices nationwide have finally seen a 1 cent drop after 27 straight days of increases.

Over the last 27 days gas has risen 28 cents a gallon.

The current national average per gallon sits at $3.76. In the last month motorists have seen gas rise to the most expensive it has ever been for this time of the year.

However, don’t except the decrease in price to last, experts are predicting that by the end of April, the price per gallon nationally could be more then $4.25 a gallon. The highest national average per gallon was in July of 2008 when it was at $4.11.

Some of the highest prices were once again seen on the west coast with per gallon prices going over $4.10 a gallon. Hawaii has the most expensive gas at $4.38 a gallon. The cheapest prices were in Colorado and Wyoming costing around $3.29 a gallon to fill the tank.

The price of a barrel of crude oil has risen from $96 to $107 in the last month, mainly due to fears of an escalating situation with Iran that would slow production. Meanwhile, President Obama and the White House have been shooting down claims by the opposing party that he wants gas prices to remain high.

Obama said that no President wants an additional strain on Americans. But also said, “there is no silver bullet” to lowering costs of fuel.

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