Groupon Takeover Google - Acquisition Bid Underway

By: Susan Harris
Staff Writer
Published: Nov 22, 2021

Groupon Takeover Google - The bid could reach $3 billion for the discount coupon service.

Groupon Takeover Google - Acquisition bid underway. Google is considering a major acquisition that involves Groupon. The popular online discount coupon service is in talks with the search engine giant.

Citing people with the knowledge of the talks between the two companies, Bloomberg reported that Groupon is currently considering whether to accept Google's offer or to move ahead with a fresh round of funding that could value the company at $3 billion.

According to the Bloomberg sources, the company's management held talks last week in order to discuss both possibilities and is currently leaning towards an acquisition. However, the company will not be making a decision until the end of this year.

If Google manages to acquire Groupon, its online advertising business could receive a significant boost and would provide Google entry into the lucrative web based discount coupon market.

However, Bloomberg said that Groupon may decide against the Google acquisition as a previous attempt by Yahoo had fallen through.

Groupon representatives refused to comment on the matter.