How To Handle A Big Boss Who Is A Bully

How To Handle A Boss Who Is A Bully – A boss that’s verbally abusive is nothing but a bully, but there are ways on how you can handle the problem, even though these type of managers like to humiliate their employees at the office.

In fact, managers with offices and job titles seek approval, and they like to push others around for a reason and it has nothing to do with your work or performance.

The best way to deal with it, is to learn why they do it in the first place. There’s the boss who asks for your input of a problem and then proceeds to denigrate you and your opinion in front of the whole staff. “It’s a demonstration of power. It’s demeaning,” Harry Levinson, Ph.D., the dean of organizational psychologists and head of the Levinson Institute in Waltham, Massachusetts, said in a statement. “I haven’t studied office bullying systematically,” he says.

The bullies are often successful and are very bright workers. And therein lies the problem. They make a significant contribution to the company as workers. Then they wind up supervising others, and spew on people in support functions, on competitors, perhaps even their own bosses.

It’s getting too costly much sooner in most companies. Stybel cites the example of a large New England hospital where the bully is a brilliant physician who has been the director of radiology for 11 years. The bullying was an issue over the years — but recently the hospital took notice to what people were saying during the exit interviews of departing technical staff.

Why did the hospital decide to do something only now? The administrator told Stybel: “We can’t tolerate the high turnover anymore. It’s too costly in the face of managed care.”