iPad Rumors: Apple iPad October Release

The iPad 5 release date could be on the way as Apple sources have been whispering about a fall event for months, and now it looks like the rumors might be true since there’s an invitation-only event scheduled at the company’s headquarters on October 22.

Sources say the release may be a fifth-generation iPad, a second-generation iPad mini, and a roll out of the new Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks operating system. Though Apple declined to comment, this hasn’t stopped experts from speculating about the upcoming event and likely new features.

What can we expect on this new iPad? Thinner, lighter, and maybe fingerprint scanner enabled. Leaked photos and videos show off a full-sized iPad that weighs similar to the current iPad Mini, and is slightly thinner in surface width. It will also likely run on the speedy 64-bit A7 processor. An updated 8-megapixel camera with a larger aperture is also rumored, plus more color options. No rainbow array (a la iPhone 5C) yet, but sources have guessed at an iPhone-matching chrome and “goldpagne”.

The Mini on the other hand, is looking at similar upgrades as well as the addition of a high-resolution “retina” screen, which would catch the device up with iPhones and the current iPad, and bring a sharper-looking screen to the Mini. But the roll out may take longer than expected. Reuters reports that retina display suppliers only recently started gearing up mass-production, which would make it tough to meet likely demand for Christmas.

And will we see fingerprint-scanner Touch ID tech on the iPads? Rumors say yes, but nothing is confirmed yet. Keep those Touch ID-capable fingers crossed for now.

The new Mac Pro is also expected to be announced with a release date sometime in December. Apple showed off the device designs in June, along with the new OS X Maverick operating system, so it isn’t unlikely that the official announcement will join the iPad event.

This announcement date is exactly one year from the previous iPad launch, and Apple has hosted an October release event every year since 2010.

It’s perfect timing, as always, ahead of the 2013 Christmas rush as the holidays get underway.

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