iPhone 5 Rumor Confirms Apple’s 4-Inch Display

The iPhone 5 rumor has been confirmed as Apple will indeed ship with a 4-inch display, and the announcement could soon, but the ship date and all its features are still a secret. The iPhone 5 was even involved in a domain dispute.

The blogs on the Internet continue to speculate on product features, and most of the specifications have been guesses without any confirmation.

That’s why it’s difficult for us to report on a product that hasn’t been announced. Unlike other news outlets, we have chosen not to report on anything that hasn’t been brought to our attention from a technical specification’s sheet. It would be irresponsible reporting for us to guess what features will be included in the Apple device.

We have confirmed a 4-inch display. The device is supposed to be faster with an A6 chip, but there are still questions on the core modes (i.e. dual, quad, etc). Apple has also chosen to wait until the day of launch to give us the full scoop.

This means that we will find out more about the iPhone 5 on the day of release, information that was otherwise unknown until the device is shipped.

Our advice is to take any rumor of the iPhone with a grain of salt until the company says otherwise.

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