John Elway Dealership In Suit For Discrimination

John Elway Discrimination – A Toyota car dealership in Manhattan Beach, California, which is partially owned by the former NFL quarterback, is getting sued for discrimination from a former employee.

Timothy Sandquist, an African American, who was a former sales manager, worked at the dealership for eight years and said that he didn’t get a promotion he deserved because of his color.

Sandquist also claims in the lawsuit filed on Monday, that other minority employee’s were continually overlooked for promotions or raises because of there ethnic backgrounds. There was also racial slur’s used by the dealerships general manager, Darrell Sperber, of it’s Latino, Muslim, and African American employee’s.

Sandquist went on to claim although he was not given the title of the promotion he was seeking, or the pay raise, he was forced to the work of the position.

In an anonymous dealership survey of its employee’s performed in 2010, there where numerous complaints from employee’s in where they felt like they were being discriminated against and harassed by Sperber. Despite the survey results nothing was done by ownership, including John Elway, to remedy the situation or discipline the general manager.

James McDonald, a lawyer representing the dealership, say that Mr. Sandquist’s suit has a number of inaccuracies and none of his allegations have merit.

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