Lingerie For Kids

The French lingerie line, Jours Apres Lunes, targeted ages 4 to 12 years old and had, what some say, a racy advertising campaign.

Sophie Morin tells reporters that she was the shock over all the controversy. The line markets bras, panties, and lounge wears the Fashionista say are something that kids of that targeted age shouldn’t be wearing it, let alone knowing what lingerie even is.

However, if you don’t find lingerie for young girls’ offensive, then how about having magazine spreads with them in the lingerie? We all know that girls are maturing, and it comes time when they need bras, but no one puts spread with little girls marketing them. Jours Apres Lunes did.

Even so, the French continued to push the boundary further. Morin feels there is nothing scandalous about the magazine spreads or their advertising campaign. The designers explain they feel there is no more skin being shown than what one would see at the beach, but in reality, it’s not the fact of skin showing it is more the poses that the company puts the kids in. We shall see where the line goes next.