McDonalds Hamburger Chemical Ingredients To Change

By: | 02/01/2021 04:45 PM ET

McDonalds Hamburger Ingredients -

McDonalds is dropping an ingredient that makes the scrap meats they use in their hamburger patties edible.

Nicknamed the ‘pink slime’ because thats exactly what it looks like, after a mixture of ammonium hydroxide and scrap meat is processed. Ammonium hydroxide is used in fertilizers, house hold cleaning supplies, an aid to staining wood, and up until now McDonald’s hamburger patties. The chemical can also be mixed with other ingredients in order to make homemade bombs.

The chemical would be mixed with un-edible meat scraps to be ground up to make patties in order to kill bacteria growing on the meat and would turn the meat into a pink looking goo.

Recently celebrity chef Jamie Oliver lead a campaign against the use of the chemical and scrap meat and on his show “Food Revolution” were he showed viewers how it was used in the processing of fast food meats.

However, McDonald’s is saying that it had made the decision to eliminate the use of the chemical a year ago and started fazing it out last summer.

“We are always reviewing and evolving our standards to ensure we continue to serve safe, high quality food to our customers,” McDonald’s said in a statement.

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