McDonald’s Mighty Wings With Bolder Wing Taste

McDonald’s Mighty Wings will make its return, although it’s not necessarily by popular acclaim. McDonald’s offered the new bolder tasting menu item from late September into November for a price of three for $2.99.

However, the wings didn’t sell as well as expected and the fast-foot chain reportedly has about 10 million pounds of Mighty Wings in cold storage, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Sales were about 20% below expected, it says.

Back in October, McDonald’s president and CEO Don Thompson admitted that the dish hadn’t sold as well as the company had hoped. “Mighty Wings resonated with consumers but performed at the lower end of our expectations,” he said during an earnings call.

McDonald’s would not comment on whether its freezers are packed with wings, but U.S. media relations director Lisa McComb released this statement: “We’re bringing back Mighty Wings — stay tuned. During this holiday season and into the new year, we are focused on serving delicious McDonald’s food and McCafe favorites to our customers.”

When Mighty Wings hit the menu again, they might have a more palatable price. “There’s a couple of things we can improve on, one is still affordability,” Thompson also said in October. “$1 per wing was still not considered to be the most competitive in the current environment.”

McDonald’s actually erred twice — putting itself in a double chicken wing, so to speak — by buying so many wings that it drove up market prices, then had to price Mighty Wings too high to sell briskly. “They underestimated their own impact on wings’ costs,” says Wedbush Securities analyst Nick Setyan. “Now they have got all this extra supply they don’t know what to do with and they are going to try to force it down franchisees’ throats again.”

This undated product image provided by McDonald’s shows the restaurant’s new “Mighty Wings”offering on the store’s menu. The world’s biggest hamburger chain is set to expand its test of chicken wings to Chicago this week, after a successful run in Atlanta last year.

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