Mega Millions Lottery Winner’s Press Conference Creates Mystery

The Maryland McDonalds employee who claims to have won apart of the record Mega Millions lottery jackpot last Friday and won’t share it with the pool of employees that gave her money to buy tickets, held a press conference Wednesday to basically tell the media, which she first welcomed, to now leave her alone.

Mirlande Wilson first claimed to have one of the 3 winning ticket’s sold in the $650 million drawing, even calling her fellow employees at the McDonalds she worked at to brag ‘she’ had won, even though they had pooled their money and had her purchase the groups tickets for the lottery.

After the employees got angry that she was claiming the prize as her own, they confronted her, and she claimed she wasn’t sure where the mystery ticket was but the numbers looked familiar. Lotto officials have confirmed that a winning ticket was sold in the state at a ‘7Eleven’ where Wilson said she bought the ticket with her own money separate from the employee pool.

Now after holding a press conference with her lawyer, who she had speak on her behalf, still claims to not know where the ticket is, that could be worth $105 million in a one lump sum payment after taxes, and wants to be left alone. One reporter asked lawyer Edward Smith Jr., “Do you know where the ticket is?”

“No sir I do not. I cannot say with any certainty that this ticket exists and I would caution anybody, until it’s presented to the lottery commission for processing, that it does exist. We are only preparing in the event that people might challenge what we believe to be a legitimate claim,” said Smith.

Smith added that the stress surrounding the situation has caused Wilson to receive medical attention this week for high blood pressure and said that his client did not ask for any of this.

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