Mexico oilrig accident causes oil spill in Gulf

A Mexico state-owned drilling platform slammed into an oilrig killing at least 10 people and leaving 18 people unaccounted for. Five the missing are rescue workers.

The accident occurred about 20 miles offshore from the port of Dos Bocas and caused gas and oil to spill into the Gulf of Mexico. The crew was unable to contain the oil leak.

Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company was not clear how much gas and oil has spilled.

The Mexican navy sent eight rescue helicopters and four boats to help with the rescue operation which is still on-going.

Bad weather had brought stormy seas and high winds which shutdown Mexico’s top three oil producers in the Gulf since Tuesday. Over 80 workers had to abandon which suspended most of the country’s oil shipments to the United States. But Pemex said that it was not evacuating oil platforms or shutting down production as the worst part of the storm had already passed.

Pemex said it would reschedule the delayed shipments once the storm passed and that American oil buyers would not be hurt by the accident. The company is the sole supplier of all commercial gasoline stations in Mexico.

Port officials say that it is unlikely they will reopen on Thursday.