MRSA infection spreads nationwide

Health officials say MRSA cases are increasing as the bacterial infection is spreading in schools and other settings around the country.

MRSA is primarily a skin infection that unveils itself as a pimple or spider bite on the surface of the skin. As it worsens, it then becomes a pos-filled blister that can become serious if it enters the bloodstream.

Patients who have sores as described that hasn’t healed or filled with pus should visit a doctor and ask to be tested for MRSA. Experts say not to squeeze the sore or try to drain it as it can spread quickly.

Washing your hands can help prevent MRSA. Parents should remind children and teenagers that personal items like brushes, combs, razors, towels, makeup and cellphones should not be shared.

The necessary precautions should be explained to student athletes, particularly those in contact sports who often suffer cuts and spend time in locker rooms. Gym equipment should be wiped down. Persons using gym equipment should use a towel when touching surfaces.

Experts also note that the misuse or overuse of antibiotics allows bacteria to evolve and develop resistance to drugs. Antibiotics should be taken only when necessary, they advise, and patients follow all prescribed instructions and take the course of all antibiotics.