Nicolas Cage Gives IRS $6.25M Towards Back Taxes

Actor Nicolas Cage has paid the IRS $6.25 million towards his outstanding bill in back taxes. However, that’s barely half of what he owes and it just proves that the more money you make, the more Uncle Sam wants his share.

You gotta give him credit, he’s been working very hard and most of us enjoy the movies he’s made, but no one can deny that the actor has been a box-office draw for decades. Cage needs that to continue, considering he still owes the IRS a hefty tax bill that will be a burden until it’s paid in full.

According to documents obtained by E! News, the 48-year-old celeb shelled out a little more than $6.25 million toward his enormous IRS bill, which is reported to be in the ballpark of $14 million. At least that’s how much Cage told People he owed in 2010. The actor blamed his tax predicament on bad management and also said that he had paid more than $70 million in taxes over the course of his career.

Financially, the past few years have been rough for Cage who has been saddled with big debt and a few tax liens. Three of his homes, including one of his two castles, were sold at foreclosure auctions. Last June, Cage settled a $13 million lawsuit with ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton.

Cage isn’t the only celebrity who has been struggling financially. Former NBA stars Allen Iverson and Dennis Rodman are facing hard times due to some bad business decisions. Iverson recently declared bankruptcy, and Rodman owes more than $800,000 in child support.

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