Nike Ad Inspires Overweight Boy To Make Change

The Nike ad featuring an overweight 200-pound boy has received some scrutiny, but the12-year-old in the TV commercial is actually going to the gym since it was filmed.

The middle-school student starring in the ad is Nathan Sorrell from London, Ohio. He tried out for the Nike “Find Your Greatness” campaign that features regular people from different “Londons” around the world and won.

While most viewers seemed to be inspired by the ad, which is what it was intended to do, other were upset over what they call “degrading” imagery.

According to the Record Herald, Nathan told them that during the filming, he had to jog several times down Old Xenia Road. Apparently, during the second take, he felt ill and could barely finish the ad.

“I got sick in a ditch,” he stated to the newspaper. Watching the ad on television was a wake-up call for Nathan, who has since joined a gym.

“Went to the gym for the first day! It was fun! Hard though, but that just means its working, RIGHT?,” he posted on Facebook.

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