Pizza Vending Machine Storm In US

It’s a pizza phenomena that’s taking the vending machine business by storm, as they hit the streets in the United States. In New York, you can buy an 8-inch round pie, topped with white cheese and pepperoni, and have it ready in 90 seconds.

The company is called “Pizzametry,” and they have the latest crazy idea around New York. A few entrepreneurs came up with the idea to produce freshly baked pies by touching a few buttons.

First, it takes a ball of fresh dough and pushes it on a plate where it is pressed, and cut into a circular 8-inch pie. It is then moved onto another plate in which sauce is dispersed out from a pipe above. To make sure the sauce it evenly distributed, the plate continues to spin while the sauce is poured on.

Next is the cheese, which is dispersed in the same manner. The machine prepares your toppings by cutting fresh slices of pepperoni and cheese. From there it goes right into the hot baked oven.

After it is finished, the pizza comes out freshly cooked concealed in a take-out box. Along with the food, the customer is also given some napkins, utensils, and little seasoning packet. The machines can handle the entire process in about 3.5 minutes.

Puzant Khatchadourian, founder and co-CEO, came to America about fifty years ago from the Middle East. Throughout his time in New York, Puzant took up a career in jewelry making. After becoming very successful, he branched out to form his vending company, where he invested in one of his favorite foods.