Postal Worker Important As BofA 30,000 Layoffs For Mail

Postal Worker 30,000 Mail – The U.S. Postal Service decision to keep open the Tallevast distribution office is good news for those 300 employees. But it does not alter the underlying need for cuts.

Local postal workers, who protested the closure, are tiny cogs in the vaster postal service and also cogs in the vaster battle over the future of the post office. Their office is saved for now, but the dynamics remain sharply against the postal service.

The future holds reductions in employee numbers and benefits — a bitter pill, to be sure — and something their unions are unwilling to accept.

The U.S. Postal Service is squeezed on the two most basic elements of any business: revenues and expenses.

The post office will run a $9.2 billion deficit this year, growing steadily from previous years. If major changes are not made, it could close in the not-too-distant future.

There is no real discussion of stamp price increases. Increasing revenue is possible through advertising on trucks and letting the postal service into other areas — but a government entity, just to protect itself, should not enter into competition with private, tax-paying companies already providing those services.

And more reality: They are not more important. Bank of America recently announced the layoffs of 30,000 people.

Those people losing jobs are just as important as government workers losing jobs or being transferred. But BofA employees are not unionized and do not have paychecks tied to congressional votes.

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