Rupert Murdoch Staff Receive New Jobs

Rupert Murdoch is giving his staff new security about their future with his company.

The Australian-American media mogul attempted to give his employees at “The Sun” a feeling of security for their future on Friday during a crisis talks in London.

According to Murdoch’s staff, he went over plans to start a new Sunday tabloid and verified that workers who were presently suspended in the midst of police questioning into possible wrongdoing could return to their position and have their legal fees paid.

The 80-year-old CEO of News Corporation pledged that he would assist The Sun, which he began in 1969.

Arthur Edwards, the newspaper’s royal photographer wrote on his Twitter account corroborating “all suspensions at The Sun have been lifted.”

The largely-anticipated Sunday version of the tabloid will be launched on Feb 26, according to Tom Mockridge, who is News Corporation’s chief executive.

“We will obey the law; illegal activities simply cannot and will not be tolerated — at any of our publications,” Murdoch said in his email, which was forwarded to The Associated Press. He added that his media empire “cannot protect people who have paid public officials.”

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