Salty Watermelon As A Pepsi? Japan Loves It!

Beverage maker Pepsi will reveal a new “Salty Watermelon” flavor in Japan. While it may not sound too appetizing in the Unite States, Pepsi claims it will be popular across the island nation as it marks their 15th specially drink.

The flavors previously released in Japan were Tropical, 1994; Carnival, 2006; Red, 2006; Ice Cucumber, 2007; Blue Hawaii, 2008; White, 2008; Azuk, 2009; Shiso, 2009; Baobab, 2010; Mont Blanc, 2010; Strong Shot, 2010; Caribbean Gold, 2011; Dry, 2011, and Pink, 2011.

According to Kotaku reports, “Pepsi has made it a bit of a tradition in Japan to release a new flavor during the Summer.”

This combination is not unusual to the Japanese as they regularly add salt to their watermelon in order to bring out its flavor.

Japanese Snack Review Reports, “This isn’t a bad flavor choice, actually, as watermelon and summer are inextricably linked, and the Japanese do salt their melons. If you have sub-par watermelon which isn’t sweet enough, salting it a little will make it taste better… The same goes for apples. However, don’t salt your fruit like you do your fries or you’ll be filled with regret.”

Do any of the Japanese Pepsi flavors sound refreshing to you?

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